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bad poem

Bad Poem 12/1/05
evelyn Cammarano

There is no color without light.
He said,"My favorite color is ultraviolet."
Dort ist nicht farbe mit kein Sonne.
Er sagt, ""Mein Lieber Farbe ist was?"
Ich trinke Kaffee, Es ist heiß
und gut. Und es ist billig!
The caffeine crawls down to my
fingertips. They become possessed.
They scratch my eyes
out of their sockets. The third eye survived.
Flourescent pink stripped stockings,
plad blue and green skirt, lime
green polka-dots on creme-colored
polyester fake leather jacket,
and five inch heels - walking by.
In black light.
Mein Bleischift ist tot.
It is dead.
The zombies kiss the vampires' lips
and karma turns them into prunes.
Das ist ein schlecht Dichtung.
Ich schreibe nicht zu gut. Ja?
The snot ran down his nose
and he chased it down the block.
He missed his bus. He had to
walk all the way home.
Sprechen Sie Deutcsh?
What is bad? Bad is a relative term.
A poem sometimes rhymes, Sometimes a
poem is just air making sounds ,
It is existential. It is relative.
The vowels and constanants - the
harsh sounds and the smooth. The
light and dark vowls with
umletts. Bad needs the contrast of good. Standards get lowered, and
standards get raised. Bad needs good, and good needs bad, like breath in and breath out. Like
light and dark. like...........
schlecht und bad, bad and schlecht.
Bad is whatever those in
power tell you it is.
Ja? Ja..... das ist nicht gut.
Doch. Das ist sehr schlecht!
Ozzy Osborn biting the
head off a bat. Yeah.
Whatever. Ozzy Osborn nude.
What can we bite off next?
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