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Order is a chaos that believes itself to have a vision
of the world as it should be.
What is "order"?
To an artist, it is the way it feels
when yellow balances perfectly with blue,
and the lines space out in such a way as to create the illusion of life
and shade.
To be an artist,
a true artist,
is to go with the flow and improvise,
just like jazz.
Do you think that jazz music is similar
to breathing and dancing and painting and organic life?
If everything has vibrating energy inside of it,
than everything is jazz.
The table has space in between molecules,
and so does our hand and so does our face.
It is an illusion that anything is together.
Everything is balancing,
tippy toes through rose gardens
and humpty dumpty falling down.
She went into the basement and moved some boxes,
and some wooden crates, and found a hole in the dirt ground,
She took the shovel and started to dig.
It was in the same place that the cat used to hide,
and there was a light coming out of the cave.
It became bigger as she dug,
and bigger, until she could hear the pipes carrying water.
She was sweaty and tired, so she stopped.
It was only five inches deep.
The map said she would find the gold here.
Time for a coffee break.
Walking on egg shell, she crunched the dead bones of eggs
as she left.
It was an Easter egg.
It was growing an embryo inside of it, and it didn't even have eyes yet.
It still had fish gills and a tail.
It was dancing, now that is was free.
It danced over the thorns, and didn't bleed.
Its feet were the color of the rose petals,
and just as pink and just as velvety sleek.
You bring down a cup of coffee,
sit on the steps, and smile.
Your friend is rolling around and jumping up and down,
happy to be alive,
and free. You ask,
"Hello! Who are you?"
and it smiles in a face that has no eyes,
no nose, maybe a mouth since it is smiling,
and it says,
"Hello! I was trapped inside
Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall,
and there was a push from behind,
and a fall,
and we are free, and the tyrant is dead!"
"But you have a while to go before you are born,
don't you?"
and the embryo just smiles and dances round,
and says,
"oh, is is not a problem at all! This is only the first stage to existence!"
and you ask,
"What do you mean?"
and it smiles, and you see two eyes pop out,
green eyes with lashes long,
and it sings a song, saying,
"This physical life is only the process of digging.....
the real treasure is the notes of the song!"
and at that, you watch this embryo glow and disappear in a flash.
It doesn't matter if you drink that coffee.
It doesn't matter if I read this poem.
It is just dirt.
Sound needs atmosphere to exist.
People need environment, and treasures need pirates!
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