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by Evelyn Cammarano copyright 2005 12/14/05

The White Sparrow hops around in the middle.
The others blend into the background until it snows.
Now White Sparrow can hide.

The black cat can hide all night long, and his eyes blend into the night sky's stars
sex. barbed wire tied around your wrists and blood dripping into you mouth. no sex. they are in the bath room stall in the mall, doing it. they are doing it.

The cat is not black. the vision is altered and you see that the cat is golden. paw prints on your windshield. white feathers zip by and the sparrow hides.

they are doing it in the plane's bathroom, which is a miracle since they are so small. they are doing it under the pine trees at night. they are doing it in Goldie Locks' bed.

you blare the horn hoping to frighten them all away from your car so none get squashed. road kill always makes the mood wrong.

mint tea helps your sore throat,
and the wind.

just die and get it over with,
violence is the answer.

maybe not.
maybe the answer is in the finger?
dip the middle one into the holy water
and cross over the river Styx,.......
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